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Is your business performing at the level you want it to?

It all starts with "Why?"

In our 6+ years of elite coaching, we have been able to transform, culture, results and enjoyment levels in a range of Australasian businesses.


The by-product of connecting with your 'why' is that not only do targets get exceeded with more ease, but other personal objectives are articulated, planned and achieved; like wanting to spend more time, planning, managing and coaching, rather than working in the business.

Most leaders get busy and forget their original reasons WHY they went into business, WHY they want to continue developing their product/service and team, WHY they want more efficient systems and processes. We help renew all this to get things back on the journey – a journey that is linked to your values again.

We assist to first clearly identify what it is you want, when you want it achieved by and, most importantly, how you want your objectives achieved. We build models and plans aligned with your wants that are mapped out to ensure the achievement of them in the easiest, fastest manner possible.


For some business owners, this could be a net profit dollar figure they are looking to achieve within the next 12 months, for others who are happy with their profit growth but not happy with the amount of stress and time that growth results in, it could be simpler systems and process or better training or hiring of top talent.

What some of our clients have said.

"I can promise you an initial chat with OMNI Consultants is worth your time!  

At my initial meeting, I quickly gauged that Russ could help me grow my business through a digital first approach.  After trusting Russ to take ownership of my digital marketing with a data proven aggressive, yet cost-effective, growth strategy, AVR is growing over 20% month on month, in a very competitive space.  

Alongside digital marketing Russ works with clients, promoting and teaching a ‘positive mindset approach’ to life and goals, which assists all aspects of your business and staff/customer/supplier relationships. 

Because Russ has worked in digital for 20 years his contacts and suppliers are second to none. Trusting and working with these professionals has turned my business around and I am confident they will continue to increase our revenue year on year. 


Take the time, give them a call – you won’t be sorry."


Sonya Biddulph


Auckland Vehicle Rentals

"I have worked with Russ Thomas now across multiple organisations and in different roles. Russ has consistently helped me to over-achieve in my sales and earnings goals. He has an uncanny ability to quickly determine the best course of action to motivate each individual to perform to their highest ability. My initial experience with Russ was as a member of a brand new sales team, which he was tasked to form, manage and coach.

It quickly became apparent that Russ not only cared about team performance and KPI’s, but also each salesperson’s professional and personal development. This fostered such fantastic team morale, enabling us to both hit and exceed our performance targets with ease. I was also lucky enough to work with Russ as he stepped into the role of Sales Director, overseeing a large team of highly-experienced sales professionals.

Through one-on-one coaching and strategy, as well as a focus on team building and accountability, Russ was again able to drastically improve team performance and transform the company culture, optimising how we operated to hit our KPIs and achieve our untapped potential.

Russ is a fantastic leader, an engaging coach and an absolute asset to any organisation he’s a part of. I can say from direct experience that he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves, have frank and direct conversations where needed, but with a balance of great EQ to motivate and contribute to the betterment of the individual. Without Russ’ initial and ongoing advice, mentorship and guidance I would not be as successful as I am today, nor would I enjoy sales as much as I do!"

Harry Kidby

Senior Growth Advisor

Sprocket Digital

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